Monday, May 18, 2009

Marquee or not marquee?

That, fellow Salmoners, is the question.

The Football Federation of Australia has given United the green light to sign a marquee player for the upcoming season. However, according to Val Migliaccio (never a good way to start a sentence, but there you go), Michael Valkanis has indicated that United won't be looking to spend a huge amount on any player signed outside the salary cap.

Mile Sterjovski, then, would appear to be out of the picture. As would the superbly-talented Uruguayan playmaker Alvaro Recoba, who has also expressed interest in playing in the A-League. Perth had a sniff at him but chose not to stump up the cash. Perhaps a wise move, given his injury struggles over the past few years.

If we do take the marquee route, it will more likely be the sort of player that can provide a spark on the pitch and entertain a crowd but is not necessarily a household name in Australia. Which may not be such a bad thing. Sometimes the lesser-known marquee and import players in the A-League - guys like Fred, Shengqing Qu, Carlos Hernandez - have performed at a level well and truly above big-money signings like John Aloisi and Paul Agostino.

Above all, the player has to be the right fit for the team and has to be able to make an impact. A 'big name' might attract attention for a little while, but if the performance doesn't match the paycheque and the reputation the novelty soon wears off.


Ben Somerford said...

Bill i think u could be right here. with marquees and imports i like these players not only have some quality but be interesting, someone who makes u watch (like Dadi, cos he's just different i guess). so with regard to that i think brazilians are a bit cliche. adelaide's done the asian thing with shengqing qu, perhaps they could try an african lad with a bit of character. hhmmmm, Lloyd Owusu (okay he's not african) but have u seen his goal celebrations, straight out of the sahara. match made in heaven?!

Nunny said...

For a team heading into the Asian Champions League it is important to have depth.

Putting a lot of eggs in one basket and then starting a very long, gruelling campaign would be foolish.