Saturday, December 27, 2008

Valkanis to retire; rumours from Rossco

The end of this season will mark the end of the road for Adelaide United stalwart Michael Valkanis. It's been coming for a while - this season he's been behind Ognenovski, Cornthwaite and Costanzo in the centreback pecking order, and most of his gametime has been in the Youth League - but that doesn't make his impending retirement any less sad. He's an ex-captain of the club, and is the last player remaining from United's sole NSL season. So, here's to you Micky V, thanks for the memories of what was a great career. Like Carl Veart before him he'll still have a presence at United, though, carrying out duties in some sort of coaching role. I hope that he's able to take the field in another A-League match this season - it would be nice to be able to farewell him properly at Hindmarsh.


Last night, Ross Aloisi hinted, implied and clumsily alluded to a couple of interesting things during his commentary in the Perth-Adelaide game:
- Ognenovski will move to an Asian club, and not a Japanese one.
- Adelaide will sign a German defender to take his place.
Let's see whether the Wrong Aloisi (a misleading title these days) is on the money, or whether he's on a bizarre cocktail of booze, drugs and readily available household chemicals instead.

Here are some other non-Aloisi-inspired rumours for your titillation, as well:
-Ange Costanzo to Newcastle Jets.
-ex-Red Fred Agius to North Queensland.
This will be a very interesting off-season indeed.


Mike Tuckerman said...

Ognenovski to Urawa Reds is the mail in Japan.

Bill said...

That could be a very interesting move - I would imagine that the extra Asian foreigner spot in the J.League will see a few Australian defenders getting snapped up.

Anonymous said...

Agostino has now retired.
It was too bad he could never get over his injuries but really the club should've known better due to his past history. All the best to Ago but it was a long time coming and needed to happen.


p.s. I really hope we can get a quality Marquee player.