Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Happy Festivus

...the holiday for the rest of us!

There's beautiful weather here in Adelaide, I've finished work for the year, and there's a great round of A-League matches upon us this weekend:

Newcastle v Central Coast - The now-traditional 'airing of the grievances' in the F3 Derby sees bottom-placed Jets try to regain some respectability.

Perth v Adelaide -Two sides in excellent form contend in 'feats of strength', with Adelaide aiming to consolidate top spot and Perth staking a claim for their first A-League finals appearance.

Melbourne v Sydney - A clash of the big city clubs at the Dome, but Melbourne's form has taken a recent dive and Sydney are downright dire. If the Sky Blues can recover to make anything of their season from here, it will truly be a Festivus miracle.

Wellington v Queensland - Yellow Fever give every Nix home game a Festivus atmosphere, but this one should be another great game, with both sides in some pretty decent form.

Here is the table as it currently stands:

Top of the league, bitches.

So gather around the Festivus pole, pour yourself a celebratory balloon of cognac, and put your feet up safe in the knowledge that all is right in the world.

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