Friday, April 24, 2009

Sterj for sale

According to the Daily Mirror, Nigel Clough is currently in the process of overhauling his Derby County squad. It seems that Mile Sterjovski is not part of the plan for the Rams' future, and has been placed in the shop window with a 'for sale' sign around his neck.

Sterj seems to be an ideal candidate for a move to the A-League (and was apparently considered by Gold Coast United) - he's a current Socceroo, played at the World Cup and in the English Premier League, still at the top of his game but at an age where he may be starting to think about returning to Australia with his young family. He's a good player at a Championship level in England, but could certainly make an impact in the A-League as a marquee player.

Given Adelaide's dearth of good attacking players, Sterj should be at the top of our shopping list. He could do the job as a wide striker, right winger, second striker or even attacking playmaker - the only problem would be fitting he & Travis Dodd into the same lineup. But that's a problem that any A-League club would love to have.


Mike Salter said...

Interesting...might end up being another acid test for whether Verbeek's comments about the unsuitability of the A-League for int. football will have any effect on the returning 'roos. Would be great to see Mile in the HAL, but I'll make a bet that he ends up at another Championship club.

Anonymous said...

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john said...

Good luck Bill would be great to see.

Any sensations in the Adelaide leagues this off season?

Bill said...

Well, it seems like Adelaide are at least considering him:,8659,25403031-5000940,00.html

As for the local leagues: not really sure John, it does sound like there are few quality youngsters about for the Youth League side to have a sniff at though.