Saturday, February 7, 2009

Adelaide 0-2 Melbourne

I've just gotten home from the match. In this post, therefore, you may catch an elusive glimpse of that rarest of creatures, Angry Salmon. Keep your eyes peeled!

To say that I am disappointed with the way Adelaide played would be a gross understatement. Spineless. Once again, we soiled ourselves as soon as we saw that big 'V' on the opposition shirts. It's frustrating watching our defenders cowering in abject terror whenever the ball falls at Archie Thompson's feet.

The refereeing was craptastic, but I'm not going to try to blame the result on that corrupt blind sonofabitch in the middle, even though he's (in my completely objective and well-considered opinion) completely unfit to officiate a wet T-shirt contest, let alone a football match. Even if it were a wet T-shirt contest, he'd probably still give it to Muscat.

The personnel choices were suitably bizarre - Cristiano on the bench until the 70th minute? Valkanis desperately shuffling around in the backline watching Thompson and Allsopp, and even Tubs Hernandez, breeze past him at will? Ridiculous. Marrone was a deer in the headlights, as was Mullen. Alemao gave the ball away at every opportunity. Pantelis' first touch was diabolical. Barbiero, Dodd and Agostino were mostly invisible. I feel for Ago especially - how many times were balls hoofed up for him to flick on to nobody? BALLS TO FEET, Vidmar you bum.

I think I've worked out the root of the problem, though. Nothing to do with tactics, refereeing, or anything else: simply, Adelaide United literally forgot how to play football during their two weeks off. You know, the basics: pass to teammate rather than opposition; play the ball, not the man; object of game = score goals while keeping opponent's goals out....

Galekovic/Ognenovski/Sarkies/Jamieson/Reid: Hold your heads up - you deserved better for your efforts. Everyone else & Vidmar: Go back to football school and learn how to play the game. Take some notes this time. Good work, you lazy, uncoordinated schmucks. You spoiled my night.

But, we're only halfway, there's still another leg yadayadayada. Sorry, but 3 goals in Tardistan just ain't gonna happen. If we get to the Grand Final we'll have to do it the hard way.


Anonymous said...

I love this blog.

Vamos Melbourne


Bill said...

Ha, thanks Jonk! I don't know what Adelaide have to do to ever beat Melbourne, but so far we definitely haven't been doing it. Did you make the trip across? Great turnout by the Melbourne fans.

Anonymous said...

Once it became clear that we were not going to get anything out of this game (approximately 15 minutes in), I started hoping that we would catch a glimpse of Rostyn Griffiths. Disappointed again. Perhaps Griffiths on dabue would have provided us with enough heart to pull a goal back

Bill said...

Yeah, would be a very brave call throwing on a kid who only arrived in the country a few days ago ahead of somebody who's been training & playing with AUFC all year though.

Ben Somerford said...

bill i still cant understand any logic behind Vidmar starting Cristiano on the bench in a home final? seriously?