Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Go, Diego, Go?

Diego's future with the Reds is looking a little shaky at the moment, according to this article from FourFourTwo. Despite interest in his services from other clubs in the A-League and Asia, AUFC management is yet to offer the midfielder a new contract for the 2009-10 season.

Diego brings a lot to the team: he's comfortable on the ball and has great awareness, vision and range of passing. When he has the ball you know he's not going to give it away cheaply. He's one of the A-League's true playmakers, and when he's playing well the team generally plays well. If there is a criticism that can be levelled at Diego, it's that he blows hot and cold - his excellent form throughout the Champions League campaign, for example, has been followed by a period of relative ineffectiveness.

Obviously, if the price is right, Diego will go elsewhere. And fair enough - he has to look after his career. The question is whether Adelaide can adequately replace him if this eventuates. Kristian Sarkies does not have the presence to command the midfield. Paul Reid is a real box-to-box player who can make things happen, but perhaps lacks Diego's composure and awareness. Fabian Barbiero is starting to show some real signs of quality, and may be able to step into the Brazilian's boots in controlling the midfield, but needs more time to show off his abilities. Unless Adelaide have lined up another classy and experienced playmaker to fill his position, I think it would be negligent to get rid of Diego. Make the man an offer, AUFC.

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BJ said...

He was a good player. Don't think we saw the best of him. Doing ok at Wellington.